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Pool Water Delivery

At Thurler Milk, we understand the value that a swimming pool brings to your property. That is why we are committed to helping you maintain its functionality by providing reliable pool water delivery.

We will ensure that you get quality pool water delivery without a hassle. Our services are available to the residents of greater Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas.

If you need reliable and professional pool water delivery services, then you are in luck. Why? Because providing bulk water delivery for swimming pools is also our specialty. Our company offers potable chlorinated pool water delivery to all our customers. It should be noted that many pool manufacturing companies will void the warranty if your pool does not use chlorinated water.

Pool water delivery cost

Unlike what most people believe, pool water delivery services are quite affordable. When comparing the cost of choosing to self-fill versus contracting water delivery, please consider the following;

  • with our service there is no need to purchase hundreds of dollars of starter chemicals to get your pool up and running.
  • Our bulk potable chlorinated water tankers hold up to 9,000 gallons or 35-37,000 litres.
  • We deliver potable chlorinated water.
  • No need to drain your well water.
  • No need to incur additional unknown costs.

However, we can only estimate the amount you will spend after learning the capacity of your pool. Please contact us so we may better qualify your individual needs. If you already know your pool’s capacity, call us now or send us an email to get your quote.

Why choose our pool water delivery service?

More about Pool filling services

Whether you want your swimming pool filled or just topped off, we have you covered. We provide bulk pool water delivery for all types of pools ranging from large inground pools, large above ground pools to indoor pools. We service the greater Ottawa Valley and surrounding areas.

As a trusted family-owned company, we can serve you even in your absence, so you do not need to supervise the pool refill. Let us know how we may accommodate you. 

Our delivery schedule is flexible and we can work with you even for delivery on nights and weekends.


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